This orientation week will be digital and the events will be presented via Livestreams or Big Blue Button Meetings.

The Big Blue Button (BBB) link is : BBB Conference

We recommend to participate in all presentations and events. If you don’t have the time to participate during all events, you should make sure not to miss the events printed in bold!

This plan is not yet final and minor changes may occur. It is best to come by again on 01.10.2021.

When Time (CEST) What Who
Monday, 11.10.2021
4 pm EngSTS Welcome Susanne Boll-Westermann
Afterwards Socializing BBB
Tuesday, 12.10.2021
12 pm Presentation Study Structure Susanne Boll-Westermann BBB
1 pm Presentation My EngSTS Studies in Oldenburg Frederike Jung BBB
2 pm Building Lesson Plan Christina GeibelBBB
3 pm Presentation Student Council & AStA Christina GeibelBBB
Afterwards, approx. 4 pm Socializing Discord
Wednesday, 13.10.2021
12 pm Virtual Campus Tour (English) BBB
1 pm Virtual OFFIS-Coffee Talk Video Conferences
2:30 pm Virtual OFFIS-Laboratory Tour Video Conferences
Afterwards Socializing
approx. 7 pm Socializing
Thursday, 14.10.2021
11 am Q&A „Working as a Student“
2 pm EngSTS Meeting the Oldies Ute Vogel-Sonnenschein
3:00 pm Introduction PBS Frank Haber BBB
3:30 pm Virtual Hackspace Tour Patrick Günther BBB
4:15 OCM Tour BBB
6 pm WAN-Party 1) Discord
Friday, 15.10.2021
4 pm Games night Discord
Afterwards Socializing BBB

What are you going to play?: WAN-Party-Pad
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