Fachschaftsvollversammlung am 07.11.2018

Bald ist wieder Fachschaftsvollversammlung

Austin, 2018/11/21 17:19

Dear website Owner,

We are contacting you to propose our high performances cloud hosting services for your website at affordable prices… Real registered hosting company with high transparency, reactivity, and true quality service.

People mistakenly think that the IP localization of the server counts enormously, well it is pretty false because this criterion is only ranked 142/200… Favoring your position in the research results of a certain country plays rather on these 3 important criteria : - extension of your domain by targeted country plays a major role, position is 10/200 - loading speed of your website, position is 23/200 (a server located at less than 5000 km is enough for a good speed) - presence of SSL certificate, position is 71/200

You can read the full the proposal via your web browser through this link : https://www.yoorshop.eu/webversionuk

Thank you for your attention, Yours faithfully, Daniel - Customer service YOORshop YOORshop SAS - 52 route du clos, 69700 Montagny, France - DUNS 267747610

NB : this message is a one time commercial proposal, this a NOT a subscription to any mailing list, you will not be contacted again

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